Sunday, August 28, 2016

Growing Up

The Girl Cat has taken those first simple steps toward becoming a dedicated serial killer, and I know this because the hop of a Grasshopper no longer fills her heart with the intensity of joy it might once have done. She now finds them rather dull, unimaginative, predictable creatures, no match for her wit and hardly worth the energy. The Butterfly Hunt is still good practice, an opportunity to leap into the air in anticipation of maybe one day spreading her own wings so that she might soar among the Owls and the Eagles. Lizards are a minor entertainment, but like the Frogs, there's something remarkably unsatisfactory about them, and they taste horrible.

We indoors are naturally very proud of her as well as a little nervous. By nature we tend toward a lily-livered soft heartedness that worries about things like Rabbit blood and internal organs on carpets. There's always the worry the Girl Cat will discover the fun she can have from bringing a live Mouse into the domicile, releasing it until one of the other domicile residents hears it, then sees it and then starts running around as though possessed by the conviction the world is about to end. And as primary care givers with full responsibility for the Girl Cat's good health we have to give thought to the dangers of her randomly sampling improperly prepared foodstuff. Yes indeed, a rich tapestry.

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