Tuesday, August 9, 2016


There'll be no more peeling of Sweet Peppers or any other kind of Pepper. Life's just too short. I'd rather have someone touch my feet while giving me a rabies inoculation than peel another Pepper. Entirely possible I misunderstood the Pepper peeling procedure, but under no variation of the process did "Pepper skins slip off easily" unless the definition of easy has changed so dramatically it no longer means "straight forward."

In terms of the US Peck, I had almost five Pecks of Peppers, give or take. And once I'd given up on the whole Pepper peeling process, I was able to produce seven pints of what I'll call incredibly poorly packed pickled Peppers. Fortunately a neighbor was willing to accept a good Peck and a half. But the trouble is I had probably the equivalent of Two Pecks of Peppers all cut up with nowhere to go. And there's a very good chance that another Pepper omelet will possibly put me off Peppers for at least three years.

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