Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Trouble at Bloom

One theory suggests that failure to bloom can be a function of high heat combined with high humidity. The Pollen of some plants, under these circumstances, become stodgy, they do not float and as a result they do not reach the stigma and if they do, they are less able to waddle on down to the ovary. This means that randomly feeding plants to make them bloom might not be the answer.

Where I live, this year has been excellent for rain, it's up there near the records. But as I understand it, what marks this year as particularly difficult has been the consistency of very high humidity, high heat and much higher than average low temperatures. My own observation that this year has been particularly breezeless hasn't helped. All the same, the bloomless Tomatoes will be fed, they'll be cooed at and they'll remain in the ground for another couple of weeks

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