Sunday, September 4, 2016

Long Distance

A long way to travel to visit a rest room. If I've counted correctly, it was a good three counties away, so we're almost talking passport issues, a tetanus shot and traveller's checks. Of course the promised aluminum J channel wasn't actually in stock. Twenty two of them in total were supposed to be in stock, but the half inch J channel shelf was totally empty, almost as though it was Christmas and there'd been some kind of an elf run.

Not that I'm that familiar with J Channels, but I know roughly what they're supposed to look like, I've seen them in diagram form, I've seen videos of them. Nor was the mega warehouse shopping experience one I will ever repeat. Mind you the restroom was incredibly clean, it looked unnaturally clean, a little sinister I thought. But more interesting there was a boys room, there's was a girls room, and there was a room for both boys and girls. Have to admit I was strangely tempted.

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