Sunday, September 11, 2016

Politics and Paint

Many years ago I chose to believe that paint would dry quicker if the object painted was left to sit in the sun. This was of course a real paint, none of this thin with water Happy Harry nonsense type paint. This paint was genuine nerve damage if inhaled type paint, two minutes of painting and three hours cleaning the brushes type paint. It was the real McCoy, hard as rock, had to be sanded for a second coat type paint. And at the same time this paint did not dry well in the sun. What happened was, the top of the coat would harden preventing the underside of the coat from hardening, and you got these sort of third degree burn type blisters on your perfect surface. Certainly a learning experience, which was never repeated.

And while I'm thinking about it, I'm going to wax a little on the subject of Latex Paint, Acrylic Latex Paint all of which is far too thick and so very proud of the "No primer needed and water clean up" you've got to know that somewhere along the line you're getting badly ripped off by some Public Relations Department where they wouldn't know the difference between a paint brush and a glass of non-fat full-cream milk. And I'll tell you this, Latex Paint without any suggestion of Acrylic in its ingredients is probably the worst paint a person ever came up with, it's the Oligarch of paint. But if all you have is Latex paint and you've got wood to prepare for the winter your best plan is to reckon on dramatically watering down the first coat so that at least some of it will get sucked in by the wood and won't just sit on top while everything rots around it.

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