Sunday, September 18, 2016

Unifying Theory of Being

There are many questions. What time is it? But in the common spaces of the higher Cathedrals there are two big questions. The one has to do with what is the universe. The other is casually referred to as the Mind Body Problem or ontology, The Ghost in the Machine, and much easier to call it Being. The Ancients looked at the universe, and like today they had many ideas, all of them kind of summarized by The Cave. What we see are shadows of the real cast by the sun upon the floor of the cave, and like a guessing game we try to work out what those shadows might be.

The more mechanical minded came to the conclusion that one solution to better understanding was to develop tools that would enable us to better grasp what it was that caused the shadows. Call it science. Science put men on the moon, but it doesn't yet know what the universe is and it has not yet found a solution to the Mind Body Problem. My own view is that these two big questions will be answered at the same time. I say this because consciousness, or Being is a property of the universe we can only ever experience. I think your point to me might be "you sound like a total nut." And my answer to your point is "Yes."

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