Saturday, October 29, 2016


Things change, I suppose. Glavni Kolodvor, a massive railway station, is emerging from a swamp of past ideas, most of which were gross errors rather then being cleverly thought out through schemata, carefully arranged upon graph paper, a whole plan laid out, right down to the sixteenth of an inch, each part wisely named according to predetermined standards. So it's probably just as well this venture into N scale is not a Mars Mission, where a few misplaced decimal points, an incorrect use of grammar, might result in a massive waste of apparently precious resources.

 A person can hardly open a newspaper before the eye is drawn to this or that expression of a determination that our species was destined not to mind its own business, and naturally enough the obvious way to continue the tradition is through some kind of colonization of Mars. It's our next Giant Leap, I have been reliably informed. The Moon has clearly lost its appeal, has a gravity that makes a person look stupid and just not big enough for boldly going where no one has gone before. But on the positive side, it's the getting there that counts, other wise as the first Martians will probably remind us, much of what we do is in fact totally nuts.

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