Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Color Scheme

Glavni Kolodvor is a magnificent Austro-Hungarian, Neo Grecian Temple to the Steam Locomotive. It has statuary all over the place, including a delighted looking maiden who's not dressed in a toga and who's obviously very attached to a well behaved small Sheep. What the Austro Hungarian Railway Station builders thought they were up to, I have no idea beyond some grand empire type statement designed to impress the visitor that Empires were designed to last for at least a thousand years. My own Glavni Kolodvor has failed miserably to reach this standard of architectural expression, it's squat, it sits funny, it has nothing like statuary anywhere near it and for reasons that defeat any standard of reason, I've painted it yellow and white.

In N-scale not one single sixteenth of an inch should be a product of random and scattered thinking. The final product might appear random and scattered to the point of senseless, but that doesn't mean a mental gymnast can't come up with all sorts of wonderful reasons why his Glavni Kolodvor is painted yellow and white. And here this whole painted yellow and white thing contains the same sets of argument that apply to something like putting the words "Manned Mission to Mars" into a Presidential Address to the Nation. Incidentally this massive expenditure has been suggested by Presidents of the United States as an immediate possibility and of vital importance to the species, not to mention national security, since something like 1969.

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