Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Cortina as Vegetable Garden

To celebrate the new month your correspondent has come to the conclusion that rather than have a conniption fit whenever Cortina seeks attention by asking questions and then wasting the remainder of the day attempting to rid the technical device of an unwanted presence, better to compromise and develop some kind relationship. To this end, he has chosen to think in terms of Spanish Galicia's understanding of the word Cortina which according to some authorities can be translated from the Spanish of Galicia into "Vegetable Garden." This morning's question had to do with a sports team that entered the category of "loved?" and whether there was a sports team that entered the category of "loved to hate?"

Your correspondent was a little surprised but he chose to think of the Vegetable Garden as waking to a sense of monotony, yearning for rain, perhaps feeling a little bit lonely and these questions were no more than polite conversation starters. And indeed rather than ponder the diabolical nature of a Vegetable Garden that was remotely interested in sporting events, your correspondent was calm and polite as he answered both questions. Cricket as played by the Glamorgan County Cricket had once been high on his list of likes, otherwise pretty much every other sporting event could be categorized as "Loved to hate."  Glad to be able to report the Vegetable Garden responded in what I'll call a positive manner.

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