Sunday, November 6, 2016

Heroic Dilemmas

Our hero and his grandfather have arrived at the Tri-County Asylum of Afon-Bedd. The place name in the language means River Grave which has a certain interest as a place name because it could mean a river called the River Grave, or it could mean a place where a river once ran. Not something uppermost in our hero's imagination, his own worries are far too numerous as he stares out from the back seat of a transit vehicle toward a gentle landscape dominated by the brooding granite and slate of a lunatic asylum in which seventy five percent of the beds are in the Secure Wing, They're a miserable unhappy population kept manageable by cheerfully dispensing miracles of the pharmaceutical industry in no particular order.

 The exiled Rabbit, who'd spent much of his winter pottering around in Afon-Bedd was delighted to be back in a place that he reckoned contained a solution to the problem of his exile. The Secure Wing at Afon-Bedd had given him the creeps, but in the Dayrooms of Afon-Bedd, where the other twenty five percent of beds where housed, he'd discovered a bounty of men and women who like him also claimed to have led at least one life upon earth that was marked by holiness, miracle working and general all round good behavior such that it warranted the title of Saint.  Our hero is firmly of the opinion that his own arrival at Afon-Bedd has followed a series of very suspicious events and circumstances that by no stretch of the imagination could be described as coincidence. 

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