Tuesday, November 29, 2016

La Bell France

The vigorous Apple Tree, the one that will not die, still has leaves. Beginning to think it an invasive species. If I remember its root stock is supposed to be dwarfing, and generously I'd call that an error of description, probably a mistake in the labeling at the time of the graft. The other tree that has sociopathic tendencies is supposed to be a dainty Ornamental Cherry. Very confident this tree had already shot its graft when it arrived, small blessing it does produce a very frail Spring Bloom that lasts about twenty four hours but not what I'd call Dainty or Ornamental.

And if you're wondering whether I too have shot my graft, I'll explain why I mention these two disreputable characters. It has to do with France. Some months ago, I must have said something in these pages that attracted the attention of some kind of a robot of the Google-bot kind. Not sure what it was that I said, but I noticed the robot that calculates or observes or records the statistics for these pages tells me that since around the end of October I have had over forty thousand visits from somewhere in France. Bon apres midi mon frere, Je pas parle Francais tres bien. Nor is my spelling or grammar very good. Long live De Gaul, the metric system and the thirty five hour week

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