Friday, November 11, 2016

Straight Lines

Always tense lining up posts, getting them true and straight, and a person has to wonder when true and straight became so horribly normal. There's an interesting study on Neanderthal flint knappers that does away with the idea that Neanderthal flint knapping was a hit and miss process without great intellect, in another way primitive. The study suggests that Neanderthal flint tools were entirely adequate for the work required of them, it's just that the tools didn't look right to the eye of the modern beholder.

My own view on the subject of true and straight is of course currently badly influenced by the burden of six heavy posts. I can look into the future and I can say, "Somehow I'll just make it work." Unfortunately I've explored that avenue on many, many occasions before, and while as proud fixer of things my own sneeze is perfection until peer reviewed by such things as wind, weather and the level of politeness in others. It's ecology we have with true and straight, whether it makes sense or not depends.

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