Tuesday, December 27, 2016


It's all about "Last Chance to..." and the permutations are endless which is a sure sign that any day now wagon loads of Gardening Catalogues will be cluttering National Arteries with cheerful theories around ergonomic clippers and the importance of looking correctly equipped when wearing a sun hat. Me, I love the temptation of a Compost Thermometer, a Mason Bee Hut and looking forward to the act of imagination that will be 2017, a year which incidentally I never expected, nor ever really wanted to be a witness to.

The other part of this time of year is "What's New.." and again the permutations are increasingly desperate, especially when "What's New..." are placed within the context of a List. Again it's a temptation to embrace the predicament, get all excited about the possibilities, but I'll remind you, what feels like a couple of months ago Windows Seven was new. Big question of course, will I be making any effort at all in 2017? Surprisingly the answer is "Yes!" I fully intend to become more like Pink Flamingo.

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