Friday, December 30, 2016

A Winter's Shovel

There has been Winter work with the shovel. Some might think this odd, assume it has something to do with corpse disposal, but rest assured all is well, no one's missing, or gone to the great beyond. Far from it, the Girl Cat is sound asleep on her Sun bed. Nor is it snow related. Rather it's the kind of work that is sometimes referred to as sod-busting. And yes, it's a few degrees above freezing, a breeze the Inuit would be nervous of and the ground is a little this side of a summer soup that can only be understood at high noon in somewhere like the August Sahara.

But sometimes these things just have to be done, techniques employed garnered from years of close contact with earth, many of them a long way from being remotely elegant and the thing about it is, the 50 by 4 foot patch has to be ready by the end of February.  Have to agree it's an odd moment to begin such a project especially so soon after a long, lazy Autumn that included many, many days of fine digging weather. All the same it's a splendid opportunity to relive a Day in the Life of Ivan Ivanovitch.

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