Saturday, December 24, 2016

Happy Day

Always interesting it was a Star in the Eastern Sky. My own preference for the Magi is they were three representatives from an order of psychologists to Persian Royalty, think of them as the poets of wisdom or the Pre-Muslim Sufis objective around the possibilities of the deterministic philosophies of astrology as opposed to the magic found in words and geometry, such as the gentleness that Jesus grew up to preach about and which has been interpreted through the suggestion that we might indeed be responsible for our fate. Very likely you'll dispute my understanding of the Magi, and pay no heed to the nature of Gold, Frankincense and Myrrh. Assume they were gifts to a king, a gentle and almost pointless reminder of those granted power upon earth, of god and Myrrh is an embalming fluid.

It's also possible a young aimless spirit might have questioned reports of the presence of the Magi at their moment of birth. My own claim to fame in this area is that I was polite enough to arrive between meals, and this has stuck in my memory in a more than symbolic manner. If anyone had told me that very well dressed men on camels suddenly appeared out of nowhere during my first couple of hours upon earth with extraordinarily expensive grownup-type presents, I would be very curious. While a part of me might wonder what became of the presents, assume they were mislaid during a Saint Patrick's Day Festival, the better part of me would see mystery of the kind that warranted pursuing. But trust me, no one knows what happened, and yet in N scale the vacuum works, the rails are polished and all is well for a little while.

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