Thursday, December 1, 2016

List Making

The word Watch, basically means to "observe closely." To peer at in an unnerving and possible maniacal manner. It's not just casually glancing at for example a person's toupee, it's more like standing in the ice cream aisle at the Grocery Store, staring at the man with a toupee, getting out a note book so as to record for posterity what kind of ice cream people with toupees decide to go for, and hoping it's not Vanilla or Heath Bar Crunch. Oddly there's a wrist Watch, but sounds strange to call a Wall Clock a Watch. There's Bird Watching, where the intensity is such that a person may risk sun stroke, Wasp Attack and a visit to the Emergency Ward in exchange for the sight of a Lesser Green Egret.

The word List means a series of names, ideas, items which are written or printed or imagined one after the other. Top ten lists for example, a toy for the emotionally vacuous, spotty faced and basically stupid. A shopping list, a careful analysis of what might be required from the Grocery Store and which for one reason or another gets mislaid on the way to the Grocery Store. Then there's the Watch List. And here if I was a Professor tasked with challenging the minds of the youth on the basic assumption the youth actually have minds, I'd like to think I'd take my cue from someone like Socrates, maybe Zoroaster, or perhaps even Jesus, all of whom came to a sticky and very heroic end. And for those interested, Bon Chance Mon Frères, the French Google-bot has finally declared me harmless and has taken me off its list. Either that or an Exocet will shortly be knocking on the Front Door

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