Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Winter Solstice

Winter Solstice this year is at 5.44 AM US Eastern Standard Time, and for those interested Eastern Standard Time is 12.44 AM Greenwich Mean Time, and in Beijing Winter Solstice will happen at the eminently sensible time of 6.44 PM Chinese Standard Time. In the Southern parts of the Globe, somewhere like Brisbane, Australia, that also has an Eastern Standard Time, their Summer Solstice will  occur at 8.44 in the evening. Apparently it will be Summer Solstice on Easter Island at 5.44 AM, Easter Island Time. And you're absolutely right, it's amazing what you can find on the technical device without ever doubting its veracity, a huge temptation for those inclined toward indolence or suffer from what could well be a neurological disorder.

More important perhaps, there are certain customs associated with celebrating Solstice and in particular the celebration of Winter Solstice, a totally miserable time of year. One of these customs includes the idea that unless large quantities of alcohol are involved and if the solstice occurs at an ungodly hour in subzero temperatures a celebrant is permitted to simply set the alarm clock, hear its call, turn it off and then go back to sleep again. Yes indeed, I well recall how gainful employment once required me to be up and about in the ungodly hours, and once upon a time during a winter solstice that occurred at around 3.AM Greenwich Mean Time I was given a traffic ticket for driving a Milk Truck through a deserted red traffic Light. It was one of those Young Coppers, and still a spotty nosed Goose-Stepping uniformed twit in my mind, and I could go on but won't, because saying unpleasant things about Brexit or Trump supporters is a big NO-NO around Solstice. Rather it's a time for Gentleness and Peace. Vive La France, by the way.

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