Friday, January 13, 2017


I think the whole point about Afon-Bedd, the source of it's current irritation, has more to do with it's change of name that followed a potlatch sometime in 2015. For years and years it was called Pen-y-Fal, an ancient Welsh word which I think means sugarloaf, an often used name for hills with a particular shape, but pretty certain the ancient Welsh didn't have sugar as such, so who knows what they actually meant, unless it was something like sweet. There's a Sugarloaf somewhere near Dublin, Eire, and I think there's one in that State of the Union polite people call North or South Carolina.

 If I remember, which is unlikely, both myself and our hero were perfectly happy with Pen-Y-Fal until we realized that one of us didn't like the word Sugarloaf. Briefly, very briefly Afon-Bedd was going to be Pen-y-Lan which means Summit, there's lots of Pen-y-Lans, one is title of an area of Cardiff, Wales,  a little north of Roath, which most likely is old Irish for fort, and there's a whole thing with the Irish and South Wales. Saint Patrick might even have spent his more sensible days in South Wales before addressing the Irish snake problem. Afon, means river and Bedd might just as well be a grave. On the other hand I'm just not horrible enough to represent an analogy of living upon earth as a lunatic asylum by using the word Summit. There are some very sweet and sensible people around.

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