Sunday, January 1, 2017

The Spirit of 2017

An early insight into the Year of our Lord 2017, or the year  4714 or 4715, possibly 4713, of the Chinese Calendar, was a remark by The Artist. "You are so not a Pink Flamingo."  Invariably The Artist is absolutely correct, which means an attitudinal adjustment on my part, and here I suppose the attitudinal adjustment required has commonalities with something like Fear of Telephones, which like Fear of Spiders or Snakes the professionals claim is one of those fears that can only be overcome by picking up a telephone and making a telephone call every day for at least a year. The rewards, I have been assured, are well worth the daily risk of heart failure. Nor are the professionals inclined to take interest in my own theory that anyone who actually makes a telephone call is struggling with "A Character Flaw." It's a long theory that requires an ability to conceptualize a slope, a more quantum understanding of randomness, it has an "almost" sign near the end, but there's no "equals" sign which causes uneasiness in so many.

This "Character Flaw" position is probably the area where attitudinal adjustment is required from me. It's a well known fact that a Pink Flamingo responds in an erratic, sometimes gormless manner to the influence of peer review. In another way, it's not the snake or the spider or the telephone, rather it's what's at the other end. With respect to a telephone it's a disembodied voice, it has no face to look at, no eyes, there's nothing more than that same menacing nuance of voice found in something like a tax form or hate mail. And when thus threatened a Pink Flamingo will dance, whereas a Non Pink Flamingo will look for a rock of dull ideas to crawl under. The question of course is "What's to be done?"  Of the possible directions to take, I've already given serious consideration to addressing my Profile Picture, to changing the color of these pages, updating gadgets, reopening the list of Top Ten List Writing Birds, accepting Friends Requests on Face Book and so on. In short, as a new year of resolution dawns, I feel confident that despite rumors to the contrary, and if I'm still conscious, some degree of hatchling Flamingo-hood will have been achieved. Oh Yes! And pictures help apparently.t

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