Friday, February 17, 2017


The telephone is fully operational and has been for some days. There's a dial tone. Should the Artist or I be very desperate we can reach out, dial a number and deal with the consequences. More alarming is when someone tries to reach out to us, our telephone has started to ring again.

Neither the Artist or I are very good at or enthusiastic about making or answering telephone calls, and frankly I at least  enjoyed the couple of months of respite when for one reason or another no one could telephone here and there was a damn good reason not to even try answering the telephone.


Gin said...

We disconnected the lineline several years ago, opting instead for cellphones, in part for the same reasons you've stated. We discovered that there is a nice little button on the side of these phones which, when clicked, silences the ring and forces the caller to "Leave a message at the tone." Love it! So much easier to deal with a message than an individual. And then there's always that option of "Oops, I hit the wrong button and must have deleted the message."

tim candler said...

I'm big on the "oops" part. But those cellphones scare me to death, Gin. You're very brave to have one.

Gin said...

Brave or foolhardy?