Saturday, January 6, 2018

Tourism Board

I know I've been here before, but Carmelite Monasteries or Convents should not look like Victorian Military Barracks. The fact that Bronwyn the Seamstress' Carmelites in Saint Barbara seem to have built a military barracks for themselves makes a total mockery of this winter's Winter Project. The answer is obvious, I'm going to have to clutter the grounds and environs of the convent with outbuildings and other grand schemes. After all the wise heads in Saint Barbara are keen to encourage tourism, they want people to visit, stay briefly, spend a great deal of money and then go back to wherever they came from, taking their litter and children with them. It's a good, healthy, xenophobic attitude ameliorated a little by the county's Tourism Board's "Have a Nice Day" project which attempts to advise citizens of the county on how to present a more pleasing and welcoming attitude toward outsiders, the weekly classes are free, snacks are provided, and residents are encouraged to attend.

One of the ideas floating around involves the Carmelite presence in the county, this means that turning Bronwyn's Monastery into a tourist attraction has met with stiff opposition from The Reverend Mother, as she's recently insisted upon being called. She's taken an almost violent objection to an idea from Major Bernice of Saint Barbara's Militia that a viewing stand should be erected on land adjoining the Monastery so that visitors to the county might see over the Monastery walls and get a sense of discalced lifestyle and habits for themsleves. A new railway station with canteen, tobacconist and ice cream stand would be constructed, and there'd be swings and slides for the younger crowd who might not be that interested in the comings and goings on Monastery grounds.  I like the idea myself, nothing wrong with railway stations, the more the merrier.  This one will have a curved platform, which does take planning.

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