Sunday, January 7, 2018

Winter Sports

The Girl Cat appears to have recovered from the tumultuous events of 2017 and possibly exacerbated by frigid weather she's quit the whole ornamental approach to being upon earth and has rediscovered her hunter gathering roots. Quite why cold weather has produced this response in her I really have no clue. And yet those who might claim that the hunter gathering life style invariably produces appalling personal habits, such as eating cheeseburgers in bed, should think again. The Girl Cat, who's beginning to look like a small woolly Saber Toothed Tiger, politely deposits her many and various hapless victims on the back step, where there's always a chance one or other of the proud primary caregivers might step on it.

It's the Kitten who's observed what I reckon is the more progressive attitude to cold weather. She doesn't like it, remains indoors, and to avoid any chance of frostbite insists upon being carried across frozen ground from the domicile to the Artists place of work, otherwise she gets terribly bored and roams the house in a far from endearing manner. And there's a chance that deep in her dark soul the Kitten has a yearning to follow a path her ancestors would look dimly upon, and I say "dark soul" because in her there are clear and worrying signs of what has to be a zoomorphic plagiarism. Can't tell you the number of times those indoors have had their attempts to make peace with the elements badly distressed by the Kitten playing what I guess is sort of feline ice hockey. The puck is usually a partial dissected frozen Vole sourced from the back step. The stick is a paw. The rink is the kitchen floor and the goal is somewhere under the refrigerator. 

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