Monday, February 26, 2018


Years ago when I was maybe 52 years of age I'd hear the expression "Senior Moment." I knew exactly what it meant. The mind just goes blank, time stops, then there's a sort of blink, a moment or two of wondering where the body might actually be, and naturally there is an awkwardness. It had been happening to me for probably twenty years, possibly forty years, no big deal. What I hadn't realized in those happier days of vibrancy was that senior moments come in grades of ordinary, less ordinary and extraordinary. And I can tell you this much, when you forget who Paul Ryan is and follow up by forgetting who Robert Swan Mueller might be it's definitely an Extraordinary Senior Moment, which leaves you feeling really quite excited about the final frontier of senior moments which would be to completely forget the last two years and linger on in a truly senior condition until maybe 2020, wake up like Sleeping Beauty or was it Rapunzel, refreshed and eager.

 Which brings me to the arguments for and against eating more than one meal a day. The brain I am told needs nourishment to keep it sparkly and reasonably present in the world. At a certain age, the one evening meal a day regimen just doesn't cut it brain-wise. The cantankerous little thing needs a more regular source of contentment otherwise it does things like forgetting the name of that plant that has for years lived by the Compost Pile, blooms purple in late spring and is far too easy to step on during moments of high tension. And here in a most uncharacteristic manner I have followed the advice of the sages and have for the last week or so endured the novelty of eating food around lunch time and then again at the regular time around supper, and yet again around one o'clock in the morning. The new routine is fairly exhausting, yet on the positive side the brain may be benefiting, but this does reduce the potential for any of blessings senior moments might send my way.

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