Sunday, February 25, 2018


Still February, feels like parts of January, a little bit of March and some April. And while the cold in bits of December and most of January retarded the ground covers, gave the Oats a shave with their maker, there is now an abundance of green stuff in the vegetable beds just waiting to be either mowed and abandoned or turned into green manure. Sadly it's been flood, and I'm not complaining or moaning or blaming an absurd President, I'm just saying the ground is very wet and horrible. It's sodden and oozing, primeval, it has a squelch and parts of it are probably risky to tread upon, has the potential to drown Moles and swallow up a humble gardener. Twenty days to March 17th, and by my estimation a good twelve full days of wholesome digging is required by then, the sort of thing that puts the dour in Lent.

 The Artist for her part has been indulging her passion for hydrology, which is an understanding of the relationships between earth's water and earth's land. And everyone knows that each one of us has our own understanding of these relationships, some more eccentric than others. Mine tend toward a more no nonsense, straight line approach to hydrology that includes eschewing anything like mud, staying indoors during rain, going nowhere near running water and I have an allergic reaction to gum-boots. Oddly the Artist saw in these conditions a perfect opportunity to revamp a water feature, or pox infested pond, that has over the years both developed leaks and has become too shallow to protect hibernating Amphibians from the freeze. I was incredibly brave, I assisted in removing a mountain of excess Water Lilies and a great many parts of dead Frog that give a whole new meaning to limp handshake.

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