Wednesday, February 28, 2018


Being homosexual was once a crime, still is in places. It was considered a deviancy, a wrongness, and had to be stamped out. Ask Oscar Wilde and millions of others. Then Gay people in the more liberal places took a hold of their own fate. They stood tall in the public square and primarily identified themselves as proudly Gay.  Funny thing, no harm done, the world didn't end, people still went shopping, and indeed the world seems brighter as a result of those brave souls.

What's that got to do with anything? There are some people who primarily identify themselves as gun owners, it's who they are. They join organizations and seem to have decided that everyone who isn't a gun owner is out to get them, take their freedom away. And it's kind of tragic to watch the twists and turns around what to do while everyone waits for another community to be ripped apart by another mass shooting. Mind you, the same the whole world over, guns are no substitute for balls.

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