Wednesday, April 11, 2018

New Leaf

Your correspondent may well have spent much of the past four months complaining about the appalling weather, the political circumstance, his declining capacities, his teeth, his struggle to eat lunch without becoming psychotic, his rejection of Saint Patrick as the go to patron saint for Potato, but no longer. A bright new golden leaf is to be turned.

It's a simple, familiar story of a non-smoking, elderly neighbor who decided he'd gained weight as a result of giving up on his annual Tobacco crop. This year the neighbor is growing Tobacco, and your correspondent will be serving as apprentice. Got the sticks, thousands of them, ground is ploughed, loan of a carousel planter secured, seedlings arrive around May 20th.


Gin said...

It will be interesting to see your reactions to this experiment. You should be forewarned, though. There is absolutely nothing about tobacco that is not HARD work. There. I've done my part. You've been warned and that guilt is taken from my shoulders. I'll sit back now and wait for reports from the field.

tim candler said...

You are free of any responsibility, Gin. My first report from the field: "I'll be taking my signed and legally witnessed do not resuscitate papers with me."

Gin said...

I don't like carousel planters. As your farming buddy if he knows of Jackson planters. That's what I liked. I used to ride right side, set left handed because no one else wanted that side. I actually set a full two acres once riding by myself when we could find no one else free at setting time. Never missed a beat. I think riding setter was the only thing I actually enjoyed about tobacco. That may be in part because whoever rode setter didn't have to draw plants. HATED that job!