Friday, May 11, 2018


I could bore the pants off people by going on about local issues, the heat, total lack of rain, wilting Peppers and the rumor about Epsom Salts, the stress of Tomato planting and the first sighting of what could be Hoppy Bug, that dreadful little demon which quite frankly is yet another example of the far too many errors in creation many more of whom were waddling around, log jamming the aisles buying Mother's Day plants. Nothing cute about it!

If I was a mother that last thing in this world I'd want on my special day would be anything like a plant, a bottle of Gin and a week off would be more like it. And there I was looking for Marigolds to help keep Bean Beetle, Squash Bugs and Thrips at bay, and would you believe it the only flat of Marigolds I could find cost far more than they needed to. The flat had an unnecessarily expensive handle, decorated with pink hearts and upon which was written Happy Mother's Day. Rightly I got a definite sneer at the check out counter.

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