Tuesday, May 8, 2018

Moon Flower

If you like dangerous blue sky, drifting fluffy clouds, a cool breeze with temperatures in the mid to upper seventies Fahrenheit, then it was a wasn't a bad day.  But if you're something like a Moon Flower seedling who might have been casually dragged outside to harden off and get ready for the great adventure, then today was pretty much a nightmare of withering, leaf scorching, blinding sun and high, desiccating wind.

 Invariably a gardener feels the burden of guilt, he makes soothing noises, promises a dribble of water and the sirens blare as he rushes Moon Flowers toward dappled shade. But always best to remember that in times of high emotion "rushing" a tray of Moon Flowers anywhere is an error. A person could trip over a watering can and fall, which does nothing at all to promote a Moon Flower's confidence in the quality of her caretaker or her prospects for the future.

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