Wednesday, May 9, 2018

You are what you eat

Deeply suspicious of the weather. All this fancy talk about lows in the upper fifties and mid sixties Fahrenheit into the foreseeable future means nothing, until humidity reaches unbearable levels. We had a Dogwood Winter at the end of last week, it was a long chill that followed rain and it's name comes from it's coinciding with the bloom of Dogwood. Sure to be a Blackberry Winter at the end of this month, it's a combination of ridiculous atmospheric conditions that guarantees blight, associated poxes, and an extended period of ennui for a gardener who has to suddenly hunt down his woolly hat. Not to mention thunderstorms, possible tornado, hail, the inevitable straight line wind, and a political climate hell bent on pursuing pogroms on anything that isn't a waddling, white, English Speaking, protestant male who's been unable to see his toes for about thirty years. So what with one thing and another, it's entirely possible I'll not be putting the Tomato, Eggplant or Pepper out until probably end of June.

 But Basil is a different and more complicated story. The Basil have now been waiting in their pots for such a long time, and they got so excited by the very high heat of early last week they've decided to give serious consideration to blooming in May, a something they shouldn't even think about doing until at least September. Nor are Basil immune from the plagues brought on by a Blackberry Winter. Some years ago on the other side of the Appalachians it was an inclemency of patterns and a dank chill in the early June that robbed them of their Basil. That year our Basil had never looked better and as a gesture of solidarity we were able to ship care packages of Fresh Basil to those struggling under the boot heel of totalitarian impulses. The other thing is this, it's a well known fact that right wingers aren't that big on vegetables unless the vegetable in question has been stewed with a ham hock for at least four days, so as an experiment I'm going to just go ahead and put out the Basil, and if they succumb to anything resembling a pox I'll know exactly why.

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