Sunday, October 28, 2018


One thing about sleepless nights is they provide a 'to hell with it' level of exhaustion. It's also true that in the grand scheme an obsession with wide curves for a Karoo Class locomotive with working headlamp might not be worthy of a sleepless night. On the other side why not get up in the early morning hours to make absolutely certain that an arch of one inch and five eighths above the rail bed is sufficient to permit a Karoo Class locomotive and it's train of carriages comfortable passage. The worthless answer, "It depends on how you measure the rail bed." Counting the number of arches  also required tip-toeing into N Scales domain, not so much once, maybe four or five times. The bleary eyed upshot was probably used by the builders of the very first pyramid, "we'll approach this organically, bit by bit, and keep it to yourself but who this side of Pharaoh's end time actually knows."

Mervyn Peake, author of Gormenghast and an illustrator who died in 1968 of dementia at the age of 57 had a capacity to describe a structure of Gothic decay, it was so huge a rambling castle that no one person knew it all, each obsessed with his or her own little part of it. The stories had a tone that reveled in the formal intricacies of procedures and behavior and how easily each one of them was so quickly manipulated by the usurper, one who seizes for use with no care for the structure itself. Peake had been a soldier in World War II and had probably noticed how easily the formalities can lose their hold on an ambitious scoundrel. Very tempted to go with Gormenghast as a guiding light for the future of the North End of N Scale and when it comes to the matter of keeping the railway lines clean enough for the smooth electric contact that enables trains to actually move around I'm just going to have to be flexible. Not at all easy for me.

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