Monday, October 29, 2018

Herky-Jerky or Whatever

One description of an Ovenbird describes it as "walking with a herky-jerky wandering stroll." Not sure what that is. So basically it's the insidious Beast of the Forest that is nationalism, the rather pointless yet pleasantly absorbing frustration of wide curves for a Karoo class locomotive, or Ovenbirds. If you're interested the Ovenbird earns it's name from its nest, which some might insist looks like a Dutch Oven. The nest is woven with a top part, the entrance is covered with leaves to hide eggs, no resemblance in the least to a Dutch Oven. My own view, the description of the Ovenbird's walk are the words of a loving and dear heart. The bird's name, on the other hand is very far from apt.

The French language titles the Ovenbird as the Crowned Warbler. When it comes to English titles for Warblers, there are a great many different kinds of Crowned Warblers, Grey Crowned, Orange Crowned, Golden Crowned and it goes on and on. At the same time Warblers are both difficult to catch a good glimpse of and once glimpsed usually harder to tell apart. The Spanish gives an Ovenbird the title Hornet Warbler, and here I'm afraid with its wide little shiny black eyes, a delightfully speckled breast, a chipper and kind of reclusive attitude it's very difficult to think of an Ovenbird as Hornet anything. Not to labor the point, but if it sounds a little like a House Wren, if it has a herky-jerky wandering stroll, whether it lowers the flag to half mast or not, it's an Ovenbird.

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