Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Milk and Honey

The wreckers have moved in, a whole new schematic for the North End of N Scale and without beating about a rotting fish head enthusiasm is super high. It all happened around two o'clock this morning. I was washing down a teaspoon of honey with a little milk and the Girl Cat, who is always great deal more curious in the hours of darkness, stared up at me and maybe one of us might be a little sleep deprived but I heard her say "why not?"  It's also true that her advice wasn't so much vocalized as it was sublimely  communicated and possibly it was directed more at that new wave of thinking that insists milk is bad for Cats than it was at her secondary caregiver's ludicrous preoccupations most of which are really not worth sharing with anything other than something like a Tortoise.

 I think it was Bertrand Russell in an essay titled Mysticism and Logic concluded that some areas of the mind will make leaps into territories that really can't be subjected to logical analysis and while a great majority of these leaps should be totally ignored some leaps have proved remarkably accurate. It might well be the case that while I have been considering the tenets of the Anarchists as a solution to the problem of wide curves, I think my reluctance to just go ahead and start ripping things up, had something to do with basic idleness. I wanted something straightforward that didn't require the constant presence of an active vacuum cleaner. In Russell's essay, if I remember, he reckoned the leap deemed mystical by some was usually sparked by an interaction with something else and just because you couldn't place the something else didn't mean it was a gift from an invisible or unworldly plane. 

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