Saturday, October 27, 2018

N Scale

N Scale has mushroomed in this season of often unpleasant changes. The alternatives are wet leaf raking, denigrating one end of the Political Class for it's spineless and idiot shortsightedness, staring at a random brick wall, and there's always heavy drinking or Bob Dylan songs. Trouble is recent considerations of N Scale have resulted in some fairly dramatic ideas some of which will require high degrees of destruction, an incredibly dusty, noisy mess which will distress the domestic pets, a new beginning if you will, in short the sort of thing anarchists dream of. More of a collectivist myself which unfortunately means compromise. One solution is something like a cityscape for those territories to the north of the rural stagnation and pettiness that is Saint Barbara and in that cityscape it might be possible to finally forge a new rail line that'll somehow or other incorporate the wide curves so necessary for the kind of substantial rolling stock a Karoo Class Locomotive with working headlamp rightly deserves.

One of the problems with this truly brilliant idea is the Kitten. She does have a fascination for N Scale, and there's no way her secondary caregiver can close the door to the N Scale domain. Any attempt to do so results in nothing like polite acceptance from her. And, without casting blame, I do suspect the invisible specter that will on occasion run rough shod through N Scale when no one is looking, the result of a tornado the destruction can appear, might have four legs and a capacity to purr. A cityscape, and this is a well known fact, is prime for untoward behaviors whether they be natural phenomena or unnatural. Solutions include improved building codes, none of this flimsy balsa wood, nothing but granite and steel, hardened bunkers for rolling stock and locomotives, and for good measure an electric fence along with the services of a reliable exorcist who has a well documented record of success. Either way 'that long black train is coming down, feel like knock, knock, knocking on heavens door,' so might as well 'hang around the ink well.'

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