Monday, December 31, 2018

New Year's Eve, not the spelling

There are few things less exciting than listening to or reading other people's 2018 Year in Review, or Top Five Events, Lessons learned or whatever you want to call it. So here's mine. Number 5: Developing a relationship with lunch. For years and years I regarded lunch as the preview of the neurotic, and eating lunch an unnecessary and wholly aggravating interruption to routine. Well I was wrong, lunch is an essential part of both mental and physical balance. Number 4: Traditional Republicans. For years and years, I considered Republicans and Tories as being without imagination, hopeless examples of reactionary behaviors, pretty much a blot on the course of humanity. This year I have come to understand that Traditional Republicans were beacons of heavenly light when compared to this new lot of self serving caterwauling mental patients who have somehow seduced an innocent electorate.

Number 3: Meaning and Being. In my continuing battle with comprehension I have currently concluded that Heidegger is the critical figure in the progress of 20th Century thought. As we wait for the singularity which will occur sometime this century, and which no doubt will come dressed in jeans and dollar signs, I have resolved that the Meaning of Being is Meaning and the Meaning of Meaning is Being. Meanwhile I will refer to Being as Meaning. Number 2: The Irish Potato. Irish Potatoes are cool weather plants unsuited to this part of the planet. Always plant an early maturing variety, preferably a red one, and do not overfeed the plants. Like so many this is a cruel lesson, worth learning, otherwise and you challenge the purpose of life. Number 1:  Ladybirds and Domestic Felines. Both are demanding household winter companions, both are willful and sneaky in the matter of getting their own way, but in the long run, of the two species, Ladybirds are probably a great deal more helpful.

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