Sunday, December 16, 2018

Red Bricks and Tunnels

I do remember Bo Peep Junction, West Saint Leonards, on the Hastings side of Po Beep Tunnel. And in the interests of fair disclosure, the South East corner of the English part of the Island is not a part of the world I have anything remotely resembling empathy for. Incidentally, the Bo Peep of tunnel fame has nothing to do with sheep or careless rosy cheeked Shepherdesses. Bo Peeps were paid by Public Houses to keep an eye out for the Ale Conner, an elected official in Medieval England whose job was to test the quality of the beer, and no doubt in my mind that medieval South East England swarmed with both Ale Conners and Bo Peeps.

Between West Saint Leonards and Hastings there was another tunnel. This one was called the Hastings Tunnel. With the Hastings Tunnel, heading east, you could poke your head out the window of the railway carriage and as the line curved a little you could see the tunnels entrance. One thing about the Hastings Tunnel is that it went underneath a whole bunch of houses. The other thing about the Hastings Tunnel entrance is or was that it had a sort of mantel, looked like a giant fireplace and it was made of red brick. And I think possibly if I could remove this image from my mind I might be able to get rid of this absurd idea of using scale bricks to build the two tunnel entrances required for the North, North, East side of N Scale.

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