Thursday, January 10, 2019

A Butterfly Apology

I'm not one to believe that Butterflies alighting on a Nile Hyacinth blooming in the wetlands of Lake Kioga have me in mind when they set off a weather pattern that illuminates my own lodging on our planet, I can curse them whenever I wish to, but sometimes I wonder. Perfectly happy to accept that recently I had poor and somewhat childish reaction to several days of unseasonably warm weather forcing me into the outdoors to dig over the bed formerly known as the Potato Bed.

My point if there was one is this, the month of January should be about socks, romper-wear and a single minded devotion to getting ahead with Winter Projects. Warm spells introduce a nagging guilt that probably goes back to the absurd Anglo Saxon idea that "fresh air and exercise is good for you." Given the totally unexpected frigid temperatures this morning and equally terrifying forecast for the weekend, could be well worth my while to offer sincere apologies to all Butterflies everywhere.

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