Saturday, January 5, 2019

Full Confidence

Humility is more often defined in terms of low self opinion. "He's a humble boy. Doesn't think much of himself." In Latin,  humilis, or something like it, meant of inferior origin in the sense of low quality, a lowly birth, low class in some places, a category of low rank that depends upon the assumption there is a high rank and that within the continuum of rank some fortunate and others unfortunate, it's a total playground for the eugenicists and all those -ists that copout of thinking and metastasizing into -phobics where all human progress goes to die. Which is why some of us force ourselves to go to town every now and then.

Argue if you wish to, but fundamental to my own understanding of humility is the word arrogance, and fundamental to arrogance, as well as extraordinarily high self esteem is the bald faced reluctance to admit to error. It's some combination of humility and arrogance that produces the word confidence. Again from a Latin word that was used to mean, not just Trust, but Full Trust. In what that trust might be remains unspoken, could be anything. "He has my confidence." And when your tongue is deep in the cheek of deception, "He has my full confidence." With respect to the sadder outliers of our species it's quite amazing what can be learned from the current US President.

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