Sunday, February 3, 2019

A deeply flawed person

A Holy Roller Sunday. Check all assumptions at the door. It's a direction that does not come easy to your correspondent, whose primary source of inspiration goes something like, "I don't care what anybody says, I will insist..." He then nibbles around a subject, such as the effort any one of the hundreds and thousands named Donald needs to produce in order to be deemed worthy of respect, and he comes away totally unsatisfied as he dwells upon the possibility that "it doesn't matter if Donald of Ogilvy was called Donald."  I guess it's a sort of "poison ivy by any other name" type muddle of meaning.  And it was while nibbling around for alternatives that your correspondent reached for the Dewi Sant solution to the visceral reactions he was having to the name Donald. Obvious really, just had to search the source languages for the more original name of a genuine medieval saint who these days has the misfortune to be referred to as Saint Donald of Ogilvy.

The English name Donald derives from a series of mispronunciations of both Norse and Gaelic names. There's Ronald which comes to English from the Norse, Rognavldr, and there's Donald which comes from the Gaelic, Domhnall. Both Norse and Gaelic names tricky to spell, impossible for an English tongue to pronounce, nonetheless my reaction was blissful, the Saint of Ogilvy was Gaelic and clearly he was Saint Domhnall of Ogilvy. Had I left it there, all might have been well, but Rognavldr means advice, decision, ruler, and  Domhnall means world ruler or world wielder. It's the sort of discovery that really does put a person off even attempting to rectify his own character flaws. At the same time, as far as I'm concerned, and I don't care what anybody thinks, this whole idiotic "I am what I am" approach creates a ranting and raving rubber room reaction in me. Saint Donald of Ogilvy, the man, and I do feel a little shaky saying this, is easily worth a Gormenghast bridge. He was a Job like character, but without the vices.

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