Tuesday, February 5, 2019


 Saint Winifred's been painted. Always a depressing process, she looks a tad wan, and even though I associate her more with the color green, she has no green anywhere on her structure. I had thought about her necklace, which is the scar around her neck where her head was miraculously reattached and I'm beginning to think I should pursue that aspect of her time on earth by considering something chain related that travels her balustrade and this necklace-like accent on her structure could well be green. Absolutely no chance I could make anything like a chain, so I thought maybe sewing thread. There's a way you can twist lengths of string so they twine upon each in such a manner that they begin to possess chain-y-ness, but then there's the problem of the distance between Winifred as she was upon earth and the jailer aspect that anything like a chain might suggest.

 I remember years and years ago a night watchman explaining to me the relationship he had with his Prophet Mohammed. The Watchman was a man prone to the belief that much of humanity dwelled in an abyss of ignorance, and high flown matters had to be explained slowly and patiently. He claimed that each one of us had a chain from our being into the clouds. At the other end of the chain was the Mighty One. And if someone was behaving in a particularly untoward manner the Mighty One would tug on the chain. The thing was that each of us had a responsibility to ensure that their own end of the chain was kept well oiled to protect it from rust. And here, he explained, the oil wasn't like bicycle oil, the oil was doing stuff like saying your prayers, demonstrating an occasional moment of charity and so on. As well there was a degree of accusation in his eye when he enquired after the condition of my own chain, his point was that if the Mighty One tugs at your chain and it breaks, then you're  pretty much doomed to an eternal purgatory. So I got that on the side of the green chain argument for Winifred's bridge, her chain was always in perfect condition and still is.

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