Friday, February 8, 2019

Winter Projects

Some of us might have got themselves a little too involved with their Winter Project. And it's true all Winter Projects for those of us in the Northern Hemisphere are essentially a devious attempt to avoid obsessing on the possibilities of hibernation, the obvious culprit the creator for his, her or its shortsightedness in his, her or its determination to produce entertainment by devising the elements of a species doomed to aimless wandering in its wretched search for calm. Then with the food source secured your correspondent heralded a new beginning by determining that wishing he could hibernate through the short days just wasn't working, and better to find an alternative winter activity that actually lay within the possibilities of his genetic inheritance. Sadly with an unseasonable warmth, humid winds, thunder storms, spotty sunshine and the panoply of green giving every impression of being on the verge of burst, up from the river there came the sound which in times past had filled being with a sense of hope, enthusiasm all of it reflected in expressions of serenity, but because of over commitment to his Winter Project your correspondent's reaction to this sound was a long way from decent.

Pseudacris Crucifer is the culprit. Crucifer is that sort of tall cross that's carried in procession during Christian religious events. Pseudacris has to do with pseudo, meaning false and acris meaning either acres or air or for some reason or other sharp. A little mysterious, but let's just go for it, not get to involved in a whole Penrose, Chad, Domhnall digression, indeed I suspect that acris is a general name for possibly Frogs that will insist on shattering the ambiance of warm evening with high pitched chirping that just goes on and on and on.  Much easier to call them Spring Peepers than False Sharp Airy Acres Processional Crosses, and yet for those of us who are reluctant to come to the end of their cave dwelling Winter Project, the second title seems incredibly appropriate. Either way, how ever you want to think of it, over commitment to a Winter Project is clearly symptomatic of a mind wholly engaged in the process of rapidly degenerating and I would argue is yet one more demonstration of why it is necessary to add an amendment to the US Constitution that places an age limit of something like 56, Julius Caesar's age when he became Tyrant, on our elected representatives, our Justices of all stripes, our billionaires...... and its a very long list.

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