Saturday, October 5, 2019

A Settlement With Mill

A "solid ungulate quadruped of the horse kind, but shorter with long ears and a short mane." The Ass, is a native of Southwest Asia.  Southwest Asia includes Turkey, Iran, the Arabian Peninsular, Lebanon, Syria, Israel and in some minds, not mine, it includes Egypt. There are two species of Wild Ass both of them struggling for existence in Africa, the Somali Wild Ass and the Nubian Wild Ass. Strictly speaking the Donkey is an Ass which has over the years been domesticated, tamed and bred for servitude. Pompous comes from the Latin for 'stately' and all those high end dressing up, self important and funny hat behaviors associated with the more ceremonial side of stateliness. And as a Pompous Ass myself, I'd like to share with these pages my own moment of induction into the community of Pompous Asses.

The year was sometime in the late 1960's or there about and in discussion I did happen to say, "If you actually read the chapter you'll discover that you couldn't be more wrong." All I can accurately recall is the response and the tone of the response, which was "Oh belt up you pompous ass." It was a classic from a total loser who was entirely at sea within the framework of his thoroughly dumb ass, one sided opinions. I felt entirely vindicated, I'd never known what a Pompous Ass was and I began to realize that I was indeed a Pompous Ass, I embraced the title, and I think I got a D minus in the essay, which served only to reinforce my understanding that I was right and Mr. whatever his name was, was wrong to the point of idiocy. Back then of course we didn't have stuff like twitter. So welcome to our extraordinarily diverse community Senator Romney, we use first names so I'll call you "Settlement with Mill" or Milton for short.

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