Wednesday, October 2, 2019

Coop De Tat

Both a golpe de estado and a putsch are pretty good words for a "blow against the state" and oddly enough if the état part is capitalized then it's a blow against the "sovereign."  The coup part is not often pronounced coop, more often it's pronounced coo as in what Doves say and that's also rather cool for us English speakers who currently live in a constitutional democracy. Strictly speaking the coup d'état is an unconstitutional seizure of the state by a dictator or a military. So yes, it's an attempted coup and disparate organs of the state are currently bravely attempting to preserve the US Constitution which for getting on two centuries has been a shining a star around the world for many an idealist yearning for a just, fair and equal, open society in which to pursue the complexities of living a life on earth.

The five hundred years of the Roman Republic, another guiding light for many an idealist, fell when Roman senators forgot the essential principles of their own founders as their state gained territory along with slaves who knew how to build and farm, producing unbelievable wealth for the chosen few who slowly lost the enthusiasms of innocence. According to some, Caesar already had political ambitions before he crossed the Rubicon River, which is little more than a shallow fifty miles, was reluctant to assume power, but the Roman Senate was divided to the point of incompetent impasse, some senators were encouraging him to just go ahead and he kind of felt that it was his duty to preserve the integrity of Roman Rule over the vast wealth from so large an area of secured land which at the end of the Roman Republic was over a million square miles. The Roman Empire, for its part, became even larger until it split apart.

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