Thursday, October 3, 2019

How to Distract Dictators, The Goebbels and Hess example.

Rudolph Hess was a bit of an occultist, he had home remedies for everything, and he was Adolph Hitler's functional equivalent of Mike Pence. Hess' title was Deputy Fuhrer. Trouble was, while Hess had studied the theoretical underpinnings of the Third Reich, he believed in "living space" for the superior race, he had all the trappings, the uniform, the whole kit and caboodle, and he'd make perfect speeches praising the Dear Leader, but it was the war strategy that troubled him. He'd been wounded as an infantry man in the trenches of the First World War, struggled on became a fighter pilot just before the war ended, as opposed to a behind the lines courier, and he thought another two front war an error for Germany and soon enough he became DFINO, or Deputy Fuhrer In Name Only. In 1941 as the German Forces prepared to move into France, he flew a two engine Messerschmitt to Scotland where he hoped to meet a British bigwig who he understood to be anti-war and pro-Germany. Hess' intention was to talk peace between Britain and Germany. On the trip he took with him 28 different medicines, one of them was glucose, which is sometimes called blood sugar. It hadn't been an easy flight, he had to use landmarks to find his way and he had to avoid gung-ho British defense forces and by the time he got close to the bigwig's estate he ran out of fuel which forced him to take to his parachute.

He was arrested, spent the rest of his life in one jail or another, ending up in Spandau Jail where he killed himself in the August of 1987. He was 93 and by all accounts perfectly sane. Before he left on his trip to Scotland he hadn't actually told his Dear Leader what he was planning to do, but he had written a letter to Hitler laying out the details of his peace with the Anglo Saxons plan. It was a tense time for Hitler, what with an invasion of France about to happen, and when Hitler got the letter he had a bit of a conniption fit, yelled very loudly at everyone and he leapt to the conclusion that it was all part of an inner circle putsch to get rid of their Dear Leader. There was scurrying around, everyone was nervous for the longevity of their important careers. The plan Hitler came up with was to get it to the press in Germany and around the world, that there was nothing to worry about because Hess was totally nuts. Others suggested it just didn't look good under any circumstances to have your Deputy Fuhrer turn out to be a nut case even if he was totally nuts. It was Goebbels, who had his own propaganda problems with the loyalty of occultists, the whole higher power idea kind of undermined his stable genius argument that supported the often erratic Dear Leader, who, according to Goebbels, Germans were supposed to worship. So Goebbels took his chance to distract from the inner circle putsch idea by pointing out to Hitler that Hess was an admirer of the Occult, possible a practitioner, unsurprisingly with the world going insane occultists were popping everywhere. And soon enough all around Germany, any one suspected of occultism was being rounded up and made to disappear. Not sure what it is, but there's a moral for all of us here.

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