Saturday, October 26, 2019

Meaning, Probabilities, Possibilities and the Slope

It was from within the ranks of the existentialists in their attempt to get a sense of what consciousness might be, there emerged the idea that we people as possessors of consciousness are creatures that make meaning. Creative Is, we can't help ourselves, things out there have to make sense, and the processes by which those things makes sense don't have to reflect anything that might be real. As well in the 1960's from these same ranks there emerged the idea of possibilities, that we people look for possibilities. Oddly the quantum computer is not based on the yes and no of the capacities within a device to switch on and off an electric charge and direct that charge at the speed of light through a series of logical steps, the conclusion to which can take several hours and upwards toward 10,000 years to achieve.

At the quantum level the variables are such that you're talking probability rather than therefore. This means that the logic produced by yes and no can be side stepped in favor of probability, rather than having to wander through all the possibilities before producing a conclusion of some sort, the result, the argument goes, is a device that can perform a calculation that might once have taken say ten years, can be done in seconds, or minutes. The issue is to determine the language of the internal dynamics of the quantum level which in many respects appears wholly random, a flood of possibilities. In his own understanding of consciousness your correspondent has struggle with a slope in the random place, and he's asserted that all matter has this slope, which means all matter contains consciousness. Oh sure, some collections of matter manipulate the slope, or speak quantum, better than others, we people are a fragile example.

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