Wednesday, October 23, 2019

Talking Points

Being just a tad on the obsessive side and on the verge of becoming a full blown conspiracy theorist your correspondent has begun to preen himself not so much upon what is said, but the patterns within the way it is said. Got a note book and everything. And in this very fast paced world, these patterns are easier to take notice of, they repeat more regularly, they kind of stick out. My assumption is that somewhere there is an organizing body, or a series of organizing bodies, that sends out a sort of positioning memo which essentially informs the receivers how to position themselves with respect to this or that issue rather than letting them decide. I believe these memos are called Talking Points. And you kind of know your reading a talking point in the utterances of the political class rather than that person's considered opinion, when a number of different people start using exactly the same short phrases. Currently, in the last couple of days, the underlined word in the memo seems to be "Process" which I can only assume means "Unfair." On the other side the longer lasting underlined word is "Sad," which I can only assume means "We got the bastard."

Meanwhile in all this there's a third source of memos that anyone remotely familiar with sources of information from the Kremlin will be familiar with, and yet the receivers charged with reinforcing the underlined words in the memos from this third source too often appear to also include surviving representatives of the White House. A Kremlin talking point is that Soviet invasion of Afghanistan proved to be too expensive. Not true, in ten years they were defeated by a loose leafed insurgency that included the Taliban and Al Qaeda funded by CIA and Pakistan. The Kremlin talking point that the Kurds in northern Syria and Southern Turkey are a bunch of terrorists depends a little on how you define terrorist. There are around 35 million Kurds, that's like the population of Tennessee down to Louisiana, 12 million have communities in Turkey,  and Turkey wants them thoroughly pacified. The former Kurdish allies of the US had attempted to create for themselves a democratic secular society as the mainspring of their cohesion, they were having some success, something both the Kremlin and Istanbul and Isis are very nervous around when it's anywhere near them. The Kremlin talking point that Ukraine interfered with the US 2016 election....and it just goes on.

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