Tuesday, October 1, 2019

The Price of Dignity

The whole thing is both fascinating and incredibly depressing, as well as tragic. Yet as one who spent a majority of his formative years in the murky waters of girl free boarding schools for boys my comrades and I learned a thing or two about getting into trouble, which is why with some confidence I can offer pointers to boys who might find themselves in trouble. Imperative to survival is the understanding that just because you don't think this or that activity or behavior is wrong doesn't mean you're right. Think otherwise, and you're pretty much being laughed at by Pontius Pilate, in which case history may or probably not, remember you fondly.  At the same time constantly saying how sorry you are for this or that activity or behavior is just wimpy, gives you a poor reputation as an entirely icky and pathetic human being who'll probably end up in a peaceful monastery or aggressive bible thumping on a street corner or selling exercise equipment.

Nor does it make any sense at all to claim that everyone does it, it gets you nowhere much beyond presenting yourself and your comrades with a splendid opportunity to be turned into exemplars of the consequences of poor behavior, dire consequences ensue as the great and the good, all of them guilty of something, gang up on you to unsully their reputations of your appalling and outrageous accusations. Avoid lying, it enables you to comfortably admit to the lesser crime, reduces your punishment and permits you to keep your dignity. Lie and it just goes on endlessly. Mind you, in my formative years the functionally unstable were as a rule fairly easily identified, they did a lot of sniveling, they whined constantly, everything was unfair, they were a pain in the neck to be around, they complained about their food at meal times, and the only reason to have anything to do with them was they usually had pocket money and would pay you to write a B minus essay for them, then pay you even more to keep quiet about their finest hour.

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