Tuesday, October 8, 2019

The Union of Corruption and Hypocrisy

 "The practice of claiming to have moral standards or beliefs to which one's own behavior does not conform..." Is kind of standard definition of hypocrisy. But if I said to you, "I'm a bit ruppy." And you happened to know Sanskrit, somewhere along the line you might come up with, "I'm sorry you have a stomachache, but I think you'll find that the correct English language spelling of the Sanskrit for stomach ailment is rupya." Leaving aside the warm feeling pompous asses get when they meet each other, and the possibilities of extended debate, the point is that through the generations of language the "rup" part of "corrupt" generally means turning good to bad. Rupture and disrupt are other examples of the meanings in the "rup" part. If something is corrupted, that something is spoiled. Its value, if you like, has changed from the perspective that it was good and within the same perspective is now bad.  "I'm glad you're feeling ruppy, I've just poisoned you, which is bad for you and good for me." In time, corrupt came to mean debasement of character, to destroy, seduce, bribe and so on, and no doubt the wide range of meanings of a corrupted stomach is fairly clear, it's a whole thing, can be deliberate, accidental, it may be a result of ignorance and so on. And the word is used for disobedient computer codes.

Corrupting is something A does to B. "These eggs are corrupt." "Who corrupted them?" "Salmonella." Then being a gentle sort of person you can say "Salmonella can't help himself, it's just what he does in the course of his day, such a pity so many people had to die to give Salmonella an opportunity to thrive." All of which is why Corrupt has in its two meanings the idea of dishonest behaviors for personal gain, as well as infection, depraved, perverted, putrid, ugh, and it's a rather long, sometimes passionate list. The dilemma is how to get a hold of the idea of a corrupt person investigating corruption. Presumably he breaks something already broken for personal gain. Tricky area indeed, especially if the corruptor gets a little vague around whether the something is broken or not, which, safe to assume is how corruption spreads as an infection and becomes like a new set of perspectives, as for example insisting climate change is a hoax for no better reason than personal gain. A perspective that may or may not survive. Or possibly corrupt is better grasped in terms of Salmonella and the Eggs. Salmonella can't help himself, has no grand scheme, we're not talking the cunning of a Fox, Salmonella just doesn't know what the "rup" part even means. All of which means the shortsightedness of corrupt hypocrites is problematic for us people.

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