Thursday, November 14, 2019

Not Bad for Once

Have to think the Founding Fathers are thinking seriously about celebrating, inviting a few friends, bring a bottle type thing. A bunch of old soldiers now, they'll grunt approvingly or jeer at the mention of this or that elected representative. Franklin, my own favorite, visiting London England he didn't drink the beer, instead for liquids, he wander up the Thames River to where London City's effluent had yet to contaminate the drinking water. Today the great man might even by flying a celebratory kite.

And your correspondent is also more positive in his appraisal of his fellow citizens. His own celebratory kite is a release from the mind of a shackle that's prevented him from contemplating The Rabbit of Usk ever since you know when. Mind you whether the Jordan River has been crossed still remains to be seen. But it's the little things that count, as Dewi Sant was fond of telling his parishioners. He was a short man, unassuming, gentle of heart, a definite nerd in many respects, and poof he became Patron Saint of Wales.

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