Thursday, November 7, 2019

The New Governor

 In the latter part of the 18th Century, which is like the 1700's, 1776 and all that, the British had a Prime Minister who came to be called Pitt the Elder. Pitt the Elder was a strong Prime Minister, who held the always quarreling Parliament together through the power of his oratory and his capacity to debate. Pitt the Elder was followed by his son, who came to be called Pitt the Younger. And Pitt the Younger has, if you like the idea of a colonial empire, been deemed a very, very fine Prime Minister indeed. I mention this to remind myself that not always do the offspring of those born to or who climb the slippery pole fall to a sort of pointless, nepotistic and corrupt existence. Here in Kentucky, the new governor elect if he survives the challenges to his election by a majority of the vote, is a man called Andy Beshear. His father Steve Beshear served as Governor of Kentucky from 2007 to 2015.

One of the things about the more conservative mind, is its relationship to that Old Testament rabble rouser Ezekiel, I guess. He was asked "Why should not the son suffer for the iniquity of the father?" These days everyone knows that the son should be innocent until proved guilty, it's the only decent and Christian thing to do. Yet far too often we people find it difficult to be decent. And indeed in these parts we're all frightfully decent, yet woe unto he who trusts, let's call them the Pudesduckles, because it's a well known fact that all Pudesduckles are thieves, brigands, bandits and adulterers. Same thing with the "virtues of the father." Andy Beshear, his father was deemed a good and popular governor, an upright and respectable man, he served two, four year terms as Governor and might very well have been elected to serve a third term had State Law allowed it.

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