Sunday, November 3, 2019

Woolly Preludes to Winter Projects

The problem with winter projects is you forget where you are. The result, you just sit there wandering around looking at things, your mind still in the vegetable garden, your research becomes an endless hunt for some kind of miracle that will enable a Daikon Radish winter ground cover to survive a rather dramatic cold spell you might not have fully anticipated. To achieve a good deep root growth a Daikon Radish needs getting on sixty days of warmish weather. Then you have to cast through the notes in a vain attempt to determine how long it might be since the Daikon Radish germinated, which it did in a most willful and enthusiastic manner.

Round here if you plant something like a Daikon Radish, or even a Turnip, too early what you get is nesting ground for extraordinarily well fed Stinkbugs, and every pest associated with Cabbage type vegetables that you can possible imagine. In the accumulation of years there was only one year when I got the Turnip planted at just the right time to survive molestation by, shall we just get it over with and call them the Freedom Caucus Republicans of the Insect Kingdom. Nor can I say that I haven't tried very hard to avoid current events. Either way if the ground covers fall foul of anything at all, I know who to blame, and I guess like so many others I've got that to look forward to.

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